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Salmon in the Classroom (SIC) program is one of the Department of Natural Resources most successful natural resources education programs for students and has been in Michigan schools for more than a decade.

This year long program teaches students about everything from the life history of fish, to the importance of the Great Lakes and fishing to Michigan's culture. Students become more connected to their local rivers and streams and this connection encourages a long standing appreciation for Michigan's natural resources and ecosystem health.

Salmon in the Classroom in Big Bay, Michigan

Every year more than 15,000 Michigan youngsters are involved in hatching Chinook salmon eggs (supplied by Department of Natural Resources' fish hatcheries) and feeding and caring for the fry until they are old enough, in the spring, to be released into local rivers - hopefully to return in four years to spawn.

Watch Powell Township School students on the day the salmon they raised in their classroom are released to the wild.

Would you like to learn more about Salmon in the Classroom?

The application period for the next school year/fall, begins January 1 and ends April 15 each year. There is often an abundance of applications, so apply early for your best chance! Click on the link below to visit the DNR site.

You can also contact our representative.

Justin Kling at (269) 491-2980