Fishing Results / Gallery

Find out who landed the big fish at our past tournaments. Who is making the best shots and photos of the best of yours, and our catches without bragging board.

2018 St. Joe River Chapter Challenge

The Southwest Chapter did an outstanding job and a lot of prizes including Custom Rods. Todd Brill was the big winner, Biggest Fish and Side Pot winner.

2018 Kalamazoo River Memorial Winners

1st Place: Nate Shur 33.4 lbs. 2nd Place:  David Shingledecker 28.8.  3rd Place: Dick Shilts 26.5. Big Fish: Todd Sidman 11.9 lbs.


2018 Pan Fish/Family Picnic Winners

On July 14th we had our 5th annual Pan Fish tournament at KILNES RESORT on Portage Lake and it was a success. 12 Boats entered with 24 adults and 6 young fisherman. The kids all caught some nice fish!!!
• Greg Peck’s team took 1st place in the mixed Pan Fish Class with 4.95# in 5 fish.
• Don Oman’s team tool 1st place in the Predator Class with a 3.1# fish.
• Dan Foster’s team took 1st place in the Blue Gill Class with 2.55# in 5 gills.

Afterwards it was off to our Family Picnic for some good EATS!!!

2018 Picnic

2018 Connie McGowan Invitational Winners

1st place with 39.25 lbs
Joe Foy

2nd place with 30.85 lbs Brett Mauk

3rd place with 28.35 lbs Ladies Crew

4th place with 27.50 lbs Dave Schafer

Big Walleye 5.15 lbs

Big trash fish 7.40 lb Sheepshead Dan Foster

2018 Connie McGowan Invitational – Lake Erie

2018 Trip Swap Lake Michigan

2018 Trip Swap Detroit River

Winner of Big Fish is Keith Krchy from LSWC.

2018 Kalamazoo River Spring Steelhead Results

Adams Peters 
Big Fish Winner 9.65 lbs.
1st Place Boat 22.55 lbs.

Kevin Ouzts boat 
2nd Place
20.45 lbs.

Brett Mauk’s boat 
3rd Place
17.3 lbs.

2017 Big Fish Contest Winners

Big Fish Winners

Nate Shur 
Master Angler Award
1st Place Steelhead

Dave Middleton 
1st Place Coho

Dave Shingledecker 
1st Place King Salmon

Dan Foster 
1st Place Walleye

Mark Adams 
1st Place Brown Trout

2018 Portage Lake Ice Fishing Results

Great weather, slow bite, but lots of fun anyway, as always. Good job Justin.
• Justin Kling - Predator division 29 inch Northern Pike
• Tyler -  Mixed bag division
•  Jim Hamrick - 5 Best Bluegill division.

Past Event Photos

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